We believe Holmsdale Manor offers the best nursery facilities in the area. As we are soon to celebrate Holmsdale's 30th anniversary, there has been plenty of time to develop excellent facilities. The nursery's development is ongoing, we continually monitor and review our facilities to suit the children we have.

Holmsdale Manor Nursery Ibstock Willows outsideWe think it is important for young children to spend time outdoors and are proud that each room has their own outside space, in addition to the communal outdoor areas enjoyed by all age groups.

This photo shows the all weather surface next to the garden belonging to the Willows toddler room.

Our outdoor space has been carefully planned so that the weather does not prevent access, for example by using all weather surfaces and canopies where necessary.

The shared areas of the nursery include a field with play equipment, a tennis court, an orchard and vegetable gardens, a story garden, a sound garden made of reclaimed materials, 'water walls' and mud kitchens!

Holmsdale Manor Nursery Ibstock ducklingsWe have a wildlife pond and runs for chickens and our rabbit. There is also a field for the donkeys, as well as a small on-site copse of trees, used as a Forest School for the younger children. Children in the pre-school room have opportunity to watch frogspawn turn into frogs and to see ducklings and chicks hatching and to watch them grow!

Holmsdale Manor Nursery Ibstock Forest schoolIn 2008 Holmsdale became the first nursery school in Leicestershire to offer Forest School sessions, Originally a successful Scandinavian approach to early years education, Forest Schools are now growing in popularity across the country.

We invest heavily in training our staff and now have more than 10 Forest School trained staff. This includes a Forest School trainer with a Level 4 qualification, who has researched the subject for a Masters dissertation. We have our own woodland to use for these sessions, a short walk from nursery.

Holmsdale Manor Nursery Ibstock Comfy cornerThe indoor environment at Holmsdale is also excellent, well resourced and well maintained. We aim to use natural materials as widely as possible within the nursery, both for decorating the rooms and for resources. Each room is carefully designed for the relevant age group and adjusted to suit each group of children.

We make sure that there are areas for different activities so that quiet time is not disturbed by more boisterous play. Spaces for different group sizes are important too, to facilitate communication. We ensure every group have a quiet corner to relax and get away from it all.