Holmsdale's Toddler Rooms-
The Willows and The Brambles

BramblesChildren move from the Barn to the Willows at just over a year old, then on to the Lower Brambles at around 2 years old. When a child moves depends on the time of year they were born, their stage of development and their personality. We manage transitions carefully to ensure your child remains settled, offering numerous visits to their new room before officially moving.

Both rooms have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities tailored to this age group, and well qualified, enthusiastic staff. Staff qualifications include Forest School assistant and leader qualifications, as children in the Willows and Brambles visit the on-site Forest School, and occasionally the off site Forest School site.They progress to visiting the off-site Forest School regularly when they move on to the pre-school rooms.

Forest schoolForest school


Art and craft activities- inside, outside and in our art workshop with our resident artist, Shelley Simpson.

Sand playPainting


Age appropriate activities to choose from, independently or with adult support.



Playing outside, developing physical skills and confidence.

Tennis court


Children joining in small group and one to one actvities with their 'key person'.

Group time


Using and investigating inspiring resources and materials



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