At Holmsdale, we strive to provide an excellent nursery for you and your child. We regularly ask for feedback from families to ensure we offer an excellent service which is continually developed. We send out a "new starters" questionnaire to those who have recently joined the nursery, plus an annual questionnaire for all families. Below is just some of the feedback we have received.


"We visited a number of nurseries, many of which were very good, but Holmsdale really stood out to us. It ticked all the boxes, but also had that something extra that is quite hard to put into words- a sense of great warmth, something much more personable, and the whole being greater than the sum of all the (excellent) parts."


"I want to say a really massive thank you for all the care and education you have given my daughter over the last 11 years. I can't believe she's come to the end of her time with you! I am sure she will want to come and visit. Trusting someone to look after the most precious bundle in your life is a huge ordeal, so thank you for your support and being such a special and child centred setting. All your staff are amazing. Please remember her when you look at the gift and remember your contribution to such a wonderful, talented and empathic girl. Much love and kind wishes to you all."


"I see the nursery is going from strength to strength and I keep up with your new innovations on Facebook as I still have contact with some of my ex-students, who are now working with you. I often use your nursery as an example of best practice. Best wishes to everyone." From a local college tutor.


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Holmsdale for everything you have done and all the wonderful learning opportunities you have given my children, I could not have asked for a better place for them to have started their education. You are all truly amazing."


''We would like to thank you for ensuring that the nursery is run efficiently with wonderful, caring, creative staff. You have clearly invested a lot in ensuring your staff are well trained and well motivated. You have also created a very homely and stimulating environment for children and a supportive and friendly one for parents. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Holmsdale to others. We have been entirely happy with our children's experience with you and it has made our conscience easier about leaving them while we are at work, knowing that they will be exceptionally well cared for. We are sure our son will settle into life at his village school more easily having experienced the community of Holmsdale. Thank you so much, once again. Your leadership skills have ensured that you have a wonderful nursery school. Regards.''


''My daughter has had a great time with you. Lots of fun and lots of memories! A good start in life and preparation for school. Thank you so much to you all.''


''We are more than happy with Holmsdale Manor Nursery. It is easy to see that the staff are dedicated to all children and my daughter certainly feels cared for by the staff. The nursery is creative in its approaches and has amazing outdoor space and animals which my daughter loves. The balance between 'academic learning', creative stimulation, emotional literacy, nature etc. is superb. The nursery goes above and beyond its duties and legal requirements to support children and parents, which adds to it's positive ethos. We can relax when at work knowing that our daughter is cared for, is happy, is stimulated and is developing holistically. We would recommend Holmsdale Manor Nursery to any parent looking for the best provision.''


''Holmsdale is clean, friendly and full of happy children playing with a range of new/well kept toys. Just a warm feeling. The children seemed happy and well cared for. I like the animals and that when he is older there are plenty of opportunities to play outdoors. The singing sessions were a real bonus. I liked that I was offered lots of free settling in sessions. Other nurseries seem to offer 2 hours and then it is your bad luck if your child is unhappy. I really feel that the staff in the baby room know my son and genuinely care about him. A fantastic nursery, I don't have a single worry when I leave him. None of the other nurseries I looked at came close.''


''Holmsdale is excellent. It was highly recommended to us. Our son loves it. Always seems happy and content when we pick him up. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and really help with settling in.''


''We chose Holmsdale because it has a large variety of activities including interaction with pets, it is friendly, secure, clean and well staffed. Staff accommodate our and our daughter's needs.''


''I chose Holmsdale for several reasons, family recommendation, I knew some of the staff and it had a better pricing structure to suit my needs. The facilities and opportunities to learn are excellent. He had no problems settling in.''


''Whether picking a nursery, child minder or any type of child care, it will probably be one of the biggest decisions you'll make for your child. However this was made easy for my husband and I due to Holmsdale Manor Nursery's reputation and the existing families that we know already use the nursery. Viewing the nursery was really just a formality but one that exceeded our expectations due to the space and facilities available to children and the value for money! For our daughter, putting her into nursery has been key to her personal development. She is more confident and outgoing than I expected. She is interested in everything that anybody is doing. Her speech is more precise and she is keen to learn new words. She interacts well with other children and is very good at sharing and I believe that these things can only be learned through regular interaction with other children. She undertakes a number of activities while in nursery and it is all learning through play. This also allows you as a parent to avoid some of the messier activities! The key workers are all friendly and approachable and through observation you can really see that the children are the priorities whilst in their care. I have always been confident in leaving my daughter at the nursery and have never had any problems/issues. Like a number of children these days, my daughter has a milk and egg allergy. I expected to have to provide food for her and also expected her to have some form of reaction simply because she does react through touch alone. To date neither of these concerns have been an issue and I think this is fantastic and that it also highlights the quality of staff employed. Her meals are nearly always the same as the other children which means she is not singled out and that is great for us as parents. The nursery holds a number of events throughout the year for staff, parents and kids. A great opportunity to meet new people! They also listen to the parents and are always looking for ways to improve what I already consider a first class nursery! She has been very happy and this is largely due to the tremendous care you take of the children and lots of hard work on your part.''


''We wanted to thank you for all of the fun times, learning and social skills you have shared with our son over the last year. You are all infinitely patient and enthusiastic and provide a stimulating environment. Your enthusiasm for all things, steam trains, transport, Centre Parcs, Scotland etc. is commendable! He loved telling you all about his experiences. We will miss you all lots, I know he will adapt and take it all in his stride and I know how much easier his time at school will be because of all the time he has spent with you.''


''I would like to say thank you to everybody who has looked after my son over the last three years. It's a very hard decision when you go back to work to decide who is going to care for your child. I am glad I chose Holmsdale. He has always been happy and I have been happy to go to work knowing he is in safe hands.''


''A welcoming and warm atmosphere... very impressed with the care.''


''Peaceful, friendly, caring staff. A combination of experienced staff and beautiful grounds- really well thought out. We really feel we have chosen the right place for our babies.''


''Very professional, but friendly and welcoming. Very happy with the settling in, my son settled in very well and quickly. It is instantly noticeable that every child is treated as an individual, which I'm sure helps in settling in.''


''Very impressed. We like all the outdoor space and activities they do.''


''Good facilities, the outdoor activities are extensive, staff are friendly and meals are balanced.''


''Very well equipped. Has a friendly, homely feel. Staff are friendly and helpful. We were very happy with his settling in sessions and he seems to have adapted well. Monday's singing session was very good to enable us to get to know the staff. The staff are very flexible and I feel if I had any concerns they would be addressed. They are friendly and approachable which has made the whole process so much easier/less stressful!


''Both my daughters have attended Holmsdale. Convenient location, friendly polite staff. Fantastic facilities.''


''The baby room is a lovely calm environment- lots to do, clean and tidy, warm staff.''


''Very well structured and so much to do. I chose Holmsdale because of good recommendations and there is lots on offer. Very friendly and approachable staff.''


''Homely and friendly. My older daughter came here too and nowhere else compares.''


''Our first impressions were very good. All the children appeared happy and were well behaved. Holmsdale appears to be 'head and shoulders' above any other nursery we visited. We chose it because of the rural setting, location, nursery bus, Forest School, good Ofsted report as well as equipment and facilities. All three of our children cannot wait to get on the nursery bus in the morning. Whenever we have phoned in staff have been very helpful. Overall we are really pleased, delighted in fact with the way our children have developed since being at nursery. All of our family have commented on how they have become more confident, they are happier in themselves since attending Holmsdale and I can only put this down to your staff. They are doing a wonderful job!''


''Happy children, experienced staff, well presented and looked after premises. Excellent staff, outdoor opportunities, particularly the range of activities outdoors. He has settled in extremely well and amazed us all! The settling in process is very flexible and child-based.''


''Excellent care, staff and facilties. Friendly and welcoming.''


''Good first impressions, organised well, clean, good gardens and rooms.''


''Very homely and welcoming, well resourced, staff very friendly, cheery and welcoming. I knew the nursery was excellent from friends, but was still a little anxious as my daughter was leaving her established nursery where she was very settled. However I have hardly noticed a transition and she has settled in very well.''


''The nursery is very clean and well equipped. Good facilities and a happy environment. Thank you for making her nursery experience positive.''


''Friendly, good resources and outdoor environment. The baby room looks clean and welcoming.''


''The children seem to be happy and taking part in a good variety of activities. It was recommended by friends but after my visit I was very impressed with the setting (animals etc.) and felt welcomed by the staff. They have been brilliant, very reassuring but honest. I was impressed by the frequency and amount of settling in visits we had prior to starting. We have always felt comfortable and confident with the staff.''


''Very friendly, children all happy and relaxed, lots of outdoor space. Our daughter chose this nursery. We agreed as we felt this nursery best suited her as she loves to be outside, loves animals and the different areas such as Forest School. I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for a place for their child.''


''The staff are interested in the wellbeing of children and enthusiastic about the nursery. The manager interacted well with the children (knew them all by name).''


''We were very impressed with the organisation of the nursery, the reception of friendly staff and mostly impressed by how happy all the children were in each area. The staff have been brilliant and our son has made good relationships with them all and nothing is too much trouble for the staff, they have encouraged and supported him during his potty training- also they show an interest in his out of nursery life.''


''Very positive first impressions. Well maintained nursery, friendly staff, good routines, nice age groupings. The nursery was recommended to us. It is run by experts, has low staff turnover and a lovely setting, masses of outdoor space that is used (unlike some nurseries). Animals. Forest School. Good food. The settling in process is excellent, staff work well to help the children settle at their own pace. The staff are very friendly and approachable. Diane is fantastic and her whole team seem totally centred on the children's best interests. Also the minibus team have been superb.''


''Very friendly. All staff whom we met are nice, patient and professional. My son enjoys his nursery time and loves to go every day. The staff are definitely friendly and approachable, we appreciate their work, attitude and ways of educating.''


''Friendly, well equipped. Easy drop off (has parking on the yard unlike many other nurseries). We chose Holmsdale because of the outdoor areas and friends' recommendations. The staff have always got time to speak to you.''


''I liked it straight away. My friend recommended it. Smiley staff, loads of activities, outdoor space... the staff are friendly and always give good feedback.''


''Very friendly staff. All of the children seem very contented. Our son seems very settled now. The staff are all brilliant.''


''Holmsdale is secure and friendly. Both our children have attended.''


''Holmsdale is very nice and everyone is really friendly. I went there as a child. The settling in has worked really well for my son and the staff are very friendly and approachable. Keep up the good work!''


''A very friendly and welcoming environment. We chose Holmsdale because of the facilities and opportunities available. The outdoor space available was especially important. Our daughter loved Holmsdale from the moment she attended. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. She has developed good relationships with all the grown ups in her room.''


''Excellent and welcoming. I chose Holmsdale because I wanted a nursery where my son would learn and feel part of a family of friends. He loves coming and seemed to settle immediately.''


''We chose Holmsdale as it is local and we know it as our eldest also attended. It is safe, clean and professionally run. She appeared to settle in well.''


Holmsdale is very homely and everyone very relaxed and enjoying themselves. I love the way you try and follow mum's routine as closely as you can- and cuddle him when he needs it. It makes it so much easier to go back to work. Everyone helped him settle in brilliantly! He had quite a few settling in sessions and stayed longer each time, which worked well. Everyone is friendly and jolly and have been great with him in the Barn- he loves it!''


''A nurturing, busy, productive environment. It is a place where great lengths have been gone to to ensure that the children are stimulated and interested. Holmsdale was suggested to us as a feeder for Twycross. However, we've been very impressed and would choose it now irrelevant of the school she will attend. The settling in has worked very well. I've been able to see how other children are comforted when upset and the ways in which they are made comfortable in the nursery. The staff are extremely friendly and very dedicated to their work and the children. We're very happy with the way that she has settled down and we'll soon be adding to her hours.''


''We chose Holmsdale as all staff were very friendly and professional. Excellent resources and educational opportunities. A warm, caring and stimulating environment. Our daughter really enjoys coming, she waves goodbye before we get out of the car! The introduction sessions worked well and she has settled well. The staff make you feel very much at ease leaving your child with them. We have been impressed with all the staff that work with her.''


''I really like the outside space and activities as well as the structured learning. It seems like a happy place!''


''Friendly, fun, well equipped, calm and organised. Holmsdale was recommended to us and had the best feel of all the nurseries we visited. Set up and facilities are good. Our daughter settled in well from our point of view. She is always happy to be left and is pleased to see the staff. The team are really communicative and give excellent feedback on a daily basis. The team's friendly and caring approach has meant she has settled in with ease and seems very happy there.''


''Both my partner and I were very impressed with the facilities. Our son has settled in really well. Our key person, Gavi, has been absolutely fantastic, our son loves her and she has been extremely reassuring when needed. Nothing has been too much trouble for her.''


''The children look well looked after and engaged in various activities. The spaces were well used and there was lots of evidence of the children learning. The atmosphere is pleasant as are the staff- very friendly. The outside spaces are used very well. There is a variety of activities for the children. The baby room was particularly reassuring. There is an excellent settling in procedure and fantastic staff. I am extremely happy that my daughter is attending this nursery and I am confident that she will continue to love her years here.''


''Holmsdale is calm and well organised. Good facilities and very flexible hours of attendance and transport facilities to and from Twycross school. It's a lovely setting, lots of outdoor space for children to play. Outdoor canopies- a great idea so they can still go out if it is wet.''


''We chose Holmsdale because it was close to home but more importantly the most impressive nursery we have seen. A very calm, friendly environment, safe. Baby singing has been a great introduction to get to know the staff and other parents and to observe. Fantastic staff!''


''Very professional- lots of stimulating activities and equipment on offer. Very dedicated professional staff who are very friendly, supportive and willing to help, talk and listen. Many thanks for being so flexible when we need extra hours at sometimes short notice.''


''We chose Holmsdale because of location, flexible hours, cost and varied activities, especially outdoors. It is clean and tidy, a friendly and happy atmosphere.''


''Friendly, professional, well organised. Happy staff, happy children. I appreciate the level of detail on the daily reports. We are very happy with Holmsdale, this is confirmed every day by our daughter's big smiles when I drop her off and come to collect her.''


''Excellent. I love the outdoor facilities. The rooms are all well maintained. The staff are happy and approachable. We originally chose Holmsdale because of the positive things we'd heard and then because of the fantastic job being done with her older sister.''


''My friend recommended Holmsdale as her daughter comes to you and she said the staff were very hands on and caring. My first impression was that Holmsdale is very down to earth and caring. She's happy which means I am.''


''We chose Holmsdale because of the reputation and it was the best we saw. Extremely well managed. Happy children, friendly staff. The staff in the Barn have been exceptional.''


''We chose Holmsdale because both the inside and outside facilities are excellent. The staff are lovely and it is a nice place to be! The staff have been supportive and understanding during settling in.''


''My first impressions were that Holmsdale was a welcoming, friendly, fun, caring, yet professional environment, controlled and entertaining. I chose it based on reputation and recommendation. I was more than happy with the settling in. I felt as if I could stay as long as my daughter needed me. She loves nursery and I'm sure it's due to the excellent team and the fun they have! I would have no hesitation in recommending you.''


''We were very impressed with the range of activities and the stimulating environment that the nursery offers. All staff seem to enjoy being there with the children and it is a secure environment with lots of space. We liked the fact that there was opportunity for our son to be outside and there is plenty of open space and animals (things we want him to enjoy). In addition the facilities and equipment were stimulating and the care was geared towards preparing him for the school curriculum. All staff we've had contact with have been extremely friendly and caring. I particularly like the fact that they seem to take an interest in each child even though they have moved on into the older classes.''


''We chose Holmsdale because it is excellent value for money. When we visitied we were very pleased, all of the children seemed happy, it was clean and spacious and there was lot of outside play area. We really like the daily reports and are really pleased she has made a strong bond so quickly with her key person.''


''I chose Holmsdale because I was impressed on the visits and my daughter was happy. The nursery provides excellent care and progression. Children seem to come first. It is clean and well managed. The children are happy and staff meet their individual needs. I have been very pleased with the settling in. Staff have looked after her well and responded to my requests. All staff that we have come into contact with have been fantastic so far. I would like to thank the staff especially those in the baby room as my daughter is happy, content and enjoys nursery. I couldn't ask for any more.''


''My first impressions were that Holmsdale is professional, organised, friendly and child orientated. I chose Holmsdale because of these reasons, and because of the qualifications and experience of the staff. It is evident that education is mixed with fun. Despite us giving short notice of settling in sessions, all staff seemed happy to accommodate us. We would happily repeat and certainly recommend. The staff are all very friendly, approachable and professional. We feel that our decision to place our daughter at Holmsdale Manor Nursery was the correct one for all of us. Knowing that she is being well looked after, nurtured and encouraged has made being able to leave her much easier. We couldn't ask for more.''


''Holmsdale is very good, friendly, clean and accommodating. We felt Holmsdale could give similar care in comparison to parents. Very homely.''


''A relaxed atmosphere and happy children who are under control. I chose Holmsdale because of this and the amount of space and attention to detail.''


''Extremely pleased with her key worker, Vanessa. She is so enthusiastic, cheery and reassuring and shows a genuine interest in our daughter. Staff always have time to give feedback.''


''Our first impressions were that Holmsdale is professionally run, has great outdoor spaces and activities, experienced staff and tidy, well organised rooms. I chose it because of this and the range of experiences available (growing veg, helping with dinner, donkey, walks, pets). I liked the experienced staff. The settling in process was flexible and responsive to my child's needs.''


''Very good. Happy children, happy staff. Relaxed atmosphere. Organised, caring environment. It was highly recommended by other mothers. The staff have all been helpful and supportive as she found starting nursery difficult. Their flexibility, openness and the care they showed was greatly appreciated. I also really appreciated being able to spend quite a lot of time there with her so I was confident she was used to being there and I know what they did with the children. The extra visits were also helpful.The Monday morning sing-along is great for getting to know the staff and other children. I quite miss it now I'm back at work!!!''


''We thought the staff were friendly and helpful. We really like the fact that most rooms have outside play available. We liked the baby room as it is spacious and inviting. The staff are always friendly and approachable which is a huge pull to choose a nursery. We have been really pleased with how he has settled in and how it all works.''


''Holmsdale is warm and friendly- all of the children appear happy and settled. His brother used to attend and was also very happy. He looks forward to going to nursery so I feel the settling in has worked well! The staff are great, very friendly and approachable.''



To contact us, request a brochure or make an appointment to look round, please call Jenny on 01530 262434, or email jenny@holmsdalemanor.co.uk or click here for more details.